Deck Trends for 2017

DeckAlthough we are in the middle of cold temperatures, and visions of a Fourth of July cookout may not yet exist, the reality is that deck-building season is upon us. Now is the right time to start creating the specifications of your deck needs and dreams. Then, by working with a designer, those dreams can be converted into a plan, and building can commence. You want your deck to be ready when the temperature heats up, not just beginning to emerge.

When it comes to decks there are noticeable trends we have observed both locally and within the building and remodeling industry at large.

  1. Durable Materials One of the most important decisions when planning for a deck project is deciding which materials to use. The materials you select will largely determine the life span of your deck and associated maintenance needs. Decks can take a lot of wear and tear, as they must hold up to the elements year round. There has been a trend towards composite decking, in recent years. The cost of composite decking, like Trex, is often initially higher than traditional options, like pressure-treated wood. However, it is fade and stain resistant, does not warp or crack, resists mold and insects, and only requires soap and water to clean. Trex is also made from 95% recycled materials, making it an eco-friendly option. There are over a dozen colors, which makes the visual aspect of this material great too. Our clients have been very pleased with their selection of Trex as their deck material, we are seeing more and more choose this option. We have been vetted and are designated as a Trex Pro. We enjoy using these durable materials to create the decks of our clients’ dreams.
  1. Extended Living Space Decks are no longer being treated as an afterthought. There is a sharp trend towards creating decks that are an extension of the indoor living space. This is evident in the increase in decks with outdoor kitchens, complete with appliances and cooking surfaces. It is also evident in the incorporation of fireplaces, specialized lighting systems, and entertainment features like music and even screens (outdoor movies!). Trex now offers a line of outdoor cabinets that are functional, durable, and coordinate with the decking styles. It just so happens we are a Trex outdoor cabinet dealer and able to incorporate these into our clients’ deck projects. These Trex outdoor cabinets really takes a deck and outdoor living space to a whole new level. Intentionally incorporating a deck into part of the living space creates an atmosphere that honors the life style of the family using it.
  1. Expanded Size Clients are now asking for larger decks, noticeably more so than in years past. This trend is supported by the way decks are now seen as an extension of living space rather than an after thought. Clients are seeking decks that have the space to accommodate large gatherings of friends and family. We also live in a community abundant in natural beauty; it only makes sense that our clients are interested in creating outdoor spaces, which will allow them to comfortably enjoy the surrounding nature. Larger decks often come in levels too, with each level given a dedicated purpose—such as the hot tub area, kitchen area, or general seating space. It seems that when it comes to decks, bigger is becoming better.

As you consider what you would like your deck to look like, think about what materials, features, and size will best meet the needs of your family. Also consider that it is critical to partner with a deck builder, like our team, that brings the highest level of craftsmanship to each and every project. Also, align with a building company that offers the very best in design services, to ensure from start to finish your deck is built with the highest level or service and skill. Remember, spaces are meant to be lived in, and lived in well. If you’d like to start a conversation about the vision you have for your deck, we encourage you to reach out!