Meet Our Newest Designer — Kristi Dickson

When the newest member of our design team, Kristi Dickson, begins designing a new space, she doesn’t just design something that will work. She designs spaces that will work for you.

Many designers consider designs based on dimensions, wanted features & facets, and current or future trends. When Kristi walks into your home, she’s looking for dirty coffee mugs, or overflowing spice racks; she wants to know how many pets you have. Those little details let her know how you’ll use the spaces she can design. It’s about discerning what you need while honoring what you want. When we saw her eye for detail and her care for the individual needs of clients, we knew that Kristi would fit into The Ewing Family perfectly.

Dickson explains, “I take every project personally”. From the time she steps into a space or sees plans for a new construction project, she asks questions about the people who are going to be using it. That includes kids, grandkids, and pets as well; who will use the space informs the design details. Those details are the features you’ll come to know and love when you interact with the space day after day.

That strong commitment to our clients is why we’re so proud to have her here at The Ewing Companies. Since starting this spring, Kristi has already proven herself to be an amazing asset.

A graduate on East Tennessee State University, Kristi has been working in Interior Design in the area for over a decade. Her favorite sources of inspiration–besides the world around her–come from internet research, product knowledge, and utilizing social media tools such as Pinterest and Instagram. Her love for blending family, nature, and architecture work perfectly with our high-quality, detailed approach to building and remodeling.

Kristi’s day-to-day work requires organization and a personable attitude. One of Kristi’s favorite ways to honor each client is to check on each person’s project every day to make sure everything is running smoothly. No matter if you’re maximizing limited space or building the home of your dreams, Kristi is ready to make sure everyone receives the quality work of their dreams. You’ll be seeing a lot more of her–she’ll be working closely on renovation projects as well as new construction.

If you’re excited to start the process of a home remodel or new construction project of your dreams, set up an appointment to talk or drop by the shop today! And be sure to welcome Kristi to our team while you’re here.