How to Ensure a Successful Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Remodel

Here at the Ewing Companies, we often gets folks who come in the door and seem very overwhelmed. Often these people know they want to remodel their home, or a portion of their home, but don’t even know where to start.

We see people taking these initial steps everyday and want to put your mind at ease. No matter your ideas or budget, we have an experienced staff that is always prepared to guide you through this exciting and complex process. Our team has been doing this for years and knows exactly what it takes to ensure a successful and stress-free remodel.

First, establishing a budget from the start is key. This is always on everyone’s minds as they’re thinking about a remodeling project. When we’re able to manage budget and expectations right from the start, it’s easy to know exactly what’s possible. We recommend the Masterbrand budget calculator to get you started.

Mixer StandThe next thing to think about is how exactly you want to use your kitchen in the future. If you’re the type of person who loves to cook and bake, perhaps you’ll prioritize a spot for a mixer stand or roomy preparation area over space to entertain. On the other hand, if your goal is a welcoming space for friends and family, designing with features like a spacious island or functional bar area could appeal to you.

Perhaps you’re going to be remodeling this kitchen to live and entertain in for decades to come. In that case, this should be the kitchen of your dreams. Many folks are just looking for a simple update to their kitchen, often with the idea that it will help with the value of their home when they decide to sell it. We can work with any of these goals in mind.

For many people, the kitchen is the most multi-functional room in the home. It’s as much a space for welcoming guests as it is getting the whole family ready in the morning. We really get excited when we have the opportunity to design and plan a space that will account for all those needs in a cohesive way.

As contractors and designers ourselves, we can point you in the right direction and we have a long list of specialists we partner with, for everything from flooring options to cabinetry from brands like Arisokraft and Omega. We know our commitment to working with the very best specialists can mean all the difference in getting the products and materials to perfectly fit your needs and ensure a successful remodel.

Last, there is one piece of advice that is particularly helpful for those feeling overwhelmed by the idea of remodeling a space in your home. Sara, our designer, always recommends this to clients when they’re planning their new space: “think about it as a blank slate rather than what it is now.” That can be hard for some people to imagine but that is exactly why Sara is available to meet with clients and facilitate the process.

Apple Butter KitchenWith any remodel, it’s more important to think about the overall structure and what you’ll love a year or two from now. Our designers and builders have the experience to take your concepts and ideas and create something that meets or even exceeds your goals and expectations completely.

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about remodeling your home for some time and are just now looking into the possibilities to improve the feel and value of your home. Whether you’re looking for that dream kitchen or just a simple update, we want you to feel comfortable coming in to consult with us here at The Ewing Companies. We’d love to meet with you in our South Main showroom and help make your building and remodeling ideas into reality.