Kitchen Design Trends for 2017

A new year means new trends in building and remodeling. We’re seeing a lot of exciting new innovations and trends, from technological integration to eco-friendly design elements. With tastes and industry tendencies constantly evolving, we always take note of cutting-edge products, industry innovation, and new and returning styles.

We talked with our designer, Sara, and came up with list of the six top trends she’s seeing in the industry and through her own design work. She closely monitors these trends to add insight into the variety of projects she works on. For our clients, this means we can continue to deliver the quality, innovative design and remodeling projects that we are known for.

1) Clean lines, Emerging: Mid Century Modern, Industrial, Contemporary

Clean lines are very popular. Minimal adornments and simple cabinet styles are growing in popularity. Emerging industrial, contemporary, and Mid Century Modern styles are all seen as well. We are really seeing amazing diversity in design that allows for everyone’s personal taste and expression.

2) Bold Choices

There is no limit to the range of colors we’re seeing implemented into our kitchen designs currently, color palettes are increasingly bold. “We are seeing gold tones, copper and matte black emerging. We’re also seeing the mixing of various metals together,” said Sara.

Lately, we’ve seen blues rising above the rest in color schemes. Popular colors are subject to industry trends, though, so we’re likely to see a shift to greens with Pantone releasing their color of the year for 2017, Greenery. No matter what colors continue to be popular popular, we’re sure to see lots of contrast and bold choices remain.

Alongside bold colors, we’re seeing bold plumbing fixtures from companies like Kohler and Kallista. Cabinet manufacturers like Medallion and Omega are using a wide range of colors and materials in their new lines. This diversity allows us to design unique kitchen and remodel projects that use the bold elements in a tasteful, and statement-making way.

3) More Metal

While wood cabinets are an ever-popular option, metal is slowly emerging with its clean lines and style that attracts those looking for a space that has more of an industrial feel. Customers are seeking finely-crafted cabinets with features like soft-close and slide-out storage.

4) Quartz Countertops

"I've never seen silestone like this before."
“I’ve never seen silestone like this before.”

Quartz has steadily emerged as a popular option, available in many different color options from Silestone and other manufacturers. Quartz is available in everything from a solid color to a more natural veining look, which affords designers and clients endless possibilities. Because quartz imitates natural stone like marble and soapstone but doesn’t require sealing, we expect to see it continue to gain popularity among people looking for low-maintenance options.

5) Technological Integration

Incorporating technology elements into kitchen redesign projects has been very popular recently. From charging stations to internet-enabled appliances, the interest is there among customers to add connected features. Equipping kitchens to better meet the needs of the family as a whole is key, and doing this can involve technology. This is one trend we expect to grow year over year, as technology continues to push the envelope for what is possible–and for how our lives can be simplified as a result.

6) Sustainably Sourced

Sustainably-sourced products are steadily gaining favor as well. We aren’t surprised by this trend, as many of our clients are very environmentally-aware and seek ways to incorporate this into their redesign projects. These demands help dictate the product lines offered by leading cabinet lines, resulting in more and more companies offering eco-friendly options. Elmwood already offers sustainably-produced cabinetry among their wide selection. Another interesting and eco-friendly product we’re seeing is recycled glass countertops from Curava, which gives people another, more sustainable, option over more traditional products.

We hope these trends inspire you to consider the potential for your kitchen! We love to create designs that blend personal taste alongside modern trends. Our designer, Sara, is more than happy to create custom designs you’re sure to love.


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