Perfect Pantry Plans

Perfect Pantry Plans

Pantries are critical to keeping dry goods, spices, and canned goods organized in your kitchen. Being able to find the things you need quickly and efficiently is necessary to a stress-free baking experience. So what makes for a dream pantry?

A pantry where you can’t see anything is not particularly helpful as an organized space. Installing lighting will help you find what you’re looking for without needing to pull out all of its contents.

Built-in shelving and cabinetry
Built-in shelving helps your space look cohesive and complete. It also gives you the chance to decide how many shelves, and what size and shape they need to be in order to best meet your needs. Cabinetry in a pantry is also helpful for keeping everything organized.  


Nothing like hosting a holiday at your house to make you wish for more fridge space. A freezer or refrigerator in your pantry gives you that extra space for frozen meals, bulk perishable foods, and extra space just in case.

Your pantry is like any other room in your home: worthy of detail and attention. Shelving with decorative accents, beautiful hardware on the cabinetry, and interesting wall color are all ways to spice up your pantry to make sure it’s as beautiful as the rest of your home.

If your home doesn’t quite have the space for a full room pantry, some ingenuity and creativity can help find space in unlikely places. A room under a staircase, for example, or a pull-out pantry tucked next to the fridge.

No matter your pantry dreams, we can help you achieve them. Contact us to consult with our designers about creating your perfect pantry space.