Features that are a “Must” for your Kitchen


When you’re planning a remodel of your current kitchen, thinking about all the things that could make the space amazing is half the fun! With a few exciting touches, additions made during construction can add value to your home, make your daily life easier, and add happiness to your routine for years to come.

While a simple kitchen is beautiful in its own way, a few features can really make a big difference. We like to think about all the ways you use your kitchen when our design team is working on a new project. On top of all the aesthetic choices you make, the actual function of each piece is vitally important. When everything works together in unison, your kitchen becomes an easy to use, relaxing space in your home.

We’ve rounded up a few of the things we think are a “must have” in your dream kitchen:

Double Ovens

A single oven is great. For many of us, it gets the job done most of the time. When it’s not, though, your whole cooking process is slowed down. Think big family mealtimes: Thanksgiving, Christmas. When the whole family is over for a big meal, a second oven can mean the difference between the cook toiling away for hours rather than enjoying quality time with family.

The best thing is if you don’t need the second oven you just don’t turn it on. As long as you have space for a second oven (and they usually stack!) this is something we think every kitchen should have.

Prep Sink in the Island

Kitchen islands are so popular, it’s becoming rare to not have one if space is available. There’s no end to the utility and diverse designs for a kitchen island, but there is one item we think you should strongly consider: a prep sink.

A prep, or “bar” sink allows you another option when the main sink is being taken up. This is useful when you have two cooks working together or simply don’t need the space a full-size sink provides.

When you add a sink to the island, it becomes even more functional. You can have one person cooking while another is preparing drinks for guests at the bar sink; kids can come get water while you’re cleaning. This versatility is well-worth the investment.

Coffee Bar

coffee-station-behind-cabinetsYou probably already have a spot for this in your kitchen now–wherever your coffee maker is. If you’re like us and like to start your day with a cup of coffee or tea, a purpose-made coffee bar can be a real treat.

When you designate a space for a coffee maker, single serve machine, or espresso machine, your morning routine can be made more convenient. Whether you’re making a quick coffee before heading off to work or entertaining guests with a cup after dinner, this is something fairly simple that can go a long way towards making a truly amazing kitchen space.

Another option is to create a coffee station behind cabinetry. This was a feature incorporated into The Ewing Family dream kitchen. A hidden coffee bar keeps countertops sleek and clean without taking away functional aspects.

Ample, Adjustable, Lighting

In the world of building and remodeling today, there might be no other category with as many options as there is with lighting. Whether you choose a stately central fixture or efficient LED spot lighting, it’s important to have ample lighting for your whole kitchen.

There are plenty of times when you don’t want to turn on a lot of light, though. Choose your lighting wisely so you can have lots of bright light when you’re cooking but soft, calm light when you’re just up to get a midnight snack.

High-Style Faucet

Every one of us has probably used a sink that’s too small. It makes daily chores far more difficult and proper prep and cleaning a nightmare. Fortunately, a high-style faucet can add valuable vertical space to any sink. Kohler has several options that allow you to accommodate large pots and pans for cooking and cleaning tasks.

Pot Filler

Another great option related to faucets is a pot filler. An appliance that’s made its way from commercial kitchens and into the home, a pot filler is a great addition to your kitchen’s plumbing if you find yourself needing to fill pots often for things like making pasta, preparing soup stocks, and canning.

These are just a few ideas for your next kitchen design. There are endless possibilities out there to truly create your dream kitchen. If you have an idea for something that would really make your time spent there more enjoyable, we’d love to hear about it and make your dream kitchen come alive!