How to Shop for Kitchen Appliances


Thinking about kitchen appliances can be very overwhelming. There’s so many options. Take your cooking appliances for example: ovens, ranges, and cook tops. Even if you can decide between gas, electric, induction, or dual fuel options, you still have to consider finishes.

That’s why when we help clients shop for appliances, we partner with local companies like, G&H Appliance in Christiansburg,  that specialize in the latest and greatest in appliance technology.

Design Planning


According to our designer, Sara, “appliances can greatly impact the design or how I might choose to layout a kitchen”. For example, a common range/cooktop is 30” wide. Of course, there are exceptions to that rule with other sizes coming in at 36”, 48” and 60”, which are also quite common to see in kitchens.


Appliance dimensions change how we lay out and plan for a kitchen design, as they will all utilize space differently. When choosing sizes and considering design planning, we always make sure to consider the big picture goals of the space. We ask questions like, “how many cooks do you have in your kitchen?” and “do you regularly entertain?” Understanding the way the space will contribute to your everyday life will help guide the size of appliances and configuration we recommend.


Kitchen technology has significantly advanced and can be very high-tech. Refrigerators have really upped their game when it comes to technology. Did you know you can now buy refrigerators with built in cameras that allow you to see what you have on hand and make a grocery list? If you’re wanting a technologically-savvy kitchen, it can be a reality.

Additionally, microwaves also have upped their game with options such as auto-adjust cook times based on the food and LED screen displays.

Even if going high-tech in your kitchen isn’t your primary goal, basic technology options are worth considering, like quiet dishwashers that do not create background noise while they work, allowing comfortable conversation to continue in your kitchen.



Stainless is still reigning supreme as far as kitchen appliance finishes go.


Stainless is versatile and works well in traditional and classic kitchens while also looking sharp in contemporary styles.


You can even add custom cabinetry panels to make your appliances match your cabinets. This means your refrigerator is conveniently tucked behind cabinetry and may even get mistaken for a pantry or regular drawer, depending on the size.


Speaking of paneling, it was a feature incorporated into the Ewing Family Dream Kitchen–and we’ve really loved having it. Would you have ever guessed that tall cabinet was really a Subzero refrigerator?


Timeless appliances, like a Wolf Range, also come with unique finishes–like red knobs. The details add character and contribute to the feel of your space.

Partner with Experts and Plan for Success


If you’re thinking about a new remodel or building project, you can rest easy knowing that we have years of experience working with great local companies to make your dreams come true in your dream kitchen!