Meet Brad: Passion & Perfection in a New Career

IMG_8774Blacksburg has a way of calling people home. Whether the natural beauty of the area brings folks back or the promising industries coming to the area affords them work, many people find themselves back here after a long time away. Brad Ewing is no different. For the longest time, three of four Ewing family members have worked at The Ewing Companies. Once Brad graduated from a private high school, enlisted in the Air Force, found a passion for golf and made a career out of it, we didn’t think this small town would ever see Brad return for more than a short visit. We definitely never dreamed he’d come back to join The Ewing Companies team.

After beginning to focus on golf in the military, Brad “decided to make a career out of it”. He has a passion for the game and the ability to teach others this complex sport. He’s worked all over the country and for some big names. Brad worked in New York, California, Florida and Rhode Island as a golf professional and apprenticed under two GOLF DIGEST Top 100 Instructors. Eventually, Brad returned to Blacksburg when he was offered the head golf professional position at the Blacksburg Country Club.

Brad’s ultimate goal was to live and work near his family. “It was a crazy set of circumstances that led me back here…and a bunch of good luck.” As many people can attest, this area does have a way of drawing you back in. Brad’s love for this community and the surrounding area made his transition back to Blacksburg and, eventually, into the family business, an easy one.

After a successful 20 year career within the golf industry, Brad and his family began exploring what it could mean for Brad to join the family business. Ultimately, the decision for Brad to join The Ewing Companies was made in February of 2016 and he’s never looked back.

Now that Brad is learning the ropes, we’re all eager to help him. Whether he’s learning about the day-to-day operations from Paul or about customer service and scheduling from Jason, Brad’s commitment to learning this profession is inspiring. Brad’s golf profession pushed him towards perfection each and every day. Using that same drive for success and commitment to excellence makes him a great asset to our family business.

Talking about his dad, Brad says “Jason was his building kid.  Jason He had a lot of interest in it and was great at it….I had no interest at all.” That’s changed as the years have gone by. Jason has amassed years of experience by this point and Brad is eager to learn from his brother. We love that Jason and Brad can work together now.

Brad loves how varied his days are at The Ewing Companies. As a golf professional, each day was “virtually the same” and Brad could predict, with great accuracy, exactly what each work day would look like for weeks, months, and even years to come. That is a stark contrast to the variety he now experiences at work. Now, every day is different as he learns about the cabinetry and remodeling industries and contributes to the work of our company.

As we see Blacksburg and the New River Valley grow, we intend to keep The Ewing Companies growing with it. Our company loves this area we are fortunate to call home. With a great staff full of passionate designers and builders already, Brad has a key role in our company continuing to be the premier choice for remodeling and quality cabinetry.  With these deep roots and strong sense of community, Brad could definitely see his kids continuing the legacy and working in the family business. “It’s just a special company and I am very lucky to be part of it” affirmed Brad. We couldn’t agree more–we are lucky to have him.