All About Modern Farmhouse

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen
A recent Modern Farmhouse project, completed in collaboration with Floyd Rustic. We love the wood & white combination. Image credits to Floyd Rustic.

What’s not to love about Chip and Joanna Gaines? Not only are they are they an adorable couple with big hearts, they are masters of the Modern Farmhouse style. Like us, you may tune into their popular HGTV show, Fixer Upper, and watch them transform the most lack-luster homes into spectacular works of craftsmanship. They are a key reason why the Modern Farmhouse style has recently taken off and become a popular theme on Pinterest boards and Instagram accounts. This power couple seems to have an affinity for making spaces come alive in this welcoming and warm style.


Sometimes it can be hard to describe a visual design concept like the Modern Farmhouse. We decided to check with our designer, Sara, to hear in her own words how she explains it to others:  

With Modern Farmhouse the lines are sleek but still incorporate rustic elements. The modern aspect means the color palettes are simple but the farmhouse component means you would expect to have textural aspects to the design as well.

Choosing to pursue a kitchen or home redesign that is Modern Farmhouse is about the colors, materials, design choices, and even the layout of your space. It’s important to keep the theme cohesive throughout but there’s so many materials you can use to customize the space for your own taste.

We’ll start with color. With a Modern Farmhouse style, we tend to see a lot of bright, neutral colors that create a light, welcoming feel overall. Whites, like Simply White from Benjamin Moore, allows you to easily match appliances and decor to your farmhouse theme. Other colors like a variety of greys and neutral blues are great choices for an inviting space. These light, neutral colors allow clean lines that lead effortlessly around your whole home.

Next, we have an abundance of materials to choose from. Your creativity and personal taste can really shine here! After finding some inspiration online, our designer can lead you in the right direction, whether that’s new materials or reclaimed pieces that all add to the rustic charm.

“Reclaimed materials are not always easy to find or install but there are a lot of products out there that mimic those materials,” said Sara. If you are looking for reclaimed items, we have excellent local options like Black Dawg Salvage in Roanoke. They’re a great place to go if you’re looking for things like reclaimed doors, mantles, or accent pieces.

Modern Farmhouse Open Shelving
Open shelving is a signature component of a Modern Farmhouse style. Many thanks to Floyd Rustic for this beautiful image!

Many new materials that mimic these older materials include hand scraped hardwood flooring, distressed cabinets, and cast iron sinks. Sara recommends new materials, especially for things like plumbing, that allows for guaranteed quality and longevity. No matter what materials you love, there are endless options that come together to form an inviting, rustic style. There’s even some very modern materials that play on this rustic theme, like Stikwood, an adhesive wood application that works well to add charm and simple appeal all over your home.

Design and layout go together when you’re considering a Modern Farmhouse style. Bright, welcoming spaces can be combined with open shelving–very popular with this style– to really open up the space for entertainment and a calming atmosphere. Locally, Phoenix Hardwoods and Floyd Rustic can both provide custom-made rustic countertops and shelving that is sure to last.

If you have the space and don’t mind something a little different, a feature we love is sliding kitchen pantry doors. They bring a rustic feel into the living space while also being a very functional and elegant solution for your pantry.

Working with these excellent options, we know we can help you with a Modern Farmhouse design that will fit your unique tastes. There’s hardly ever been a style so easy to gain inspiration for–it’s everywhere! With your rustic dreams and our building experience, we’d love to see what you have in mind for your Modern Farmhouse build or remodel!