Bathroom Design Trends for 2017

Our designer, Sara, loves keeping up with new trends in building and remodeling. Being able to incorporate fresh ideas allows us to innovate and create timeless spaces that you are sure to love. We took a look at emerging trends in bathroom design for 2017 and want to share some of those with you.

The bathroom is often an overlooked part of the home. They aren’t a social hub like the kitchen or a sanctuary like the bedroom, but a well-designed bathroom is a vital part of any home. It serves as a place to prepare for daily challenges as well as a refuge after a long day. Whether it’s a large master bath or a half-bath for guests, there’s endless design possibilities.

2017 has brought bold, interesting developments to the industry. Some of the trends we are seeing within bathrooms parallel design trends seen within kitchens. Whether your dream bathroom is minimally adorned or ornate with luxurious amenities, these new trends should give you plenty to think about for your next remodel:

1) Free Standing Tubs and Floating Vanities

We’re seeing a lot of trends in the industry specific to cabinetry and vanity designs. Many customers are opting for wall mounted sinks and “floating vanities”. These add a touch of modern style and really open up the space. Elmwood is creating some great floating style vanities to pair with their high quality cabinetry.

If you’re looking for a more traditional design, Omega has some great options for free-standing vanities. These attractive pieces add warmth and depth while maintaining a very classic feel.

Freestanding bathtubs have been very popular recently. Kohler offers very high-quality options in this category. Jacuzzi is another great manufacturer, especially if you’re looking for a feature-rich option for your remodel or new construction project.

Checking out these styles are a great way to start brainstorming for your bathroom designs. These products can be easily incorporated into an overall design plan, bringing an updated feel to the space and your home overall.

2) Emerging flooring options

The current trends in flooring are bold. We’re seeing a lot of people use big tiles that create great visual appeal while minimizing grout lines and making cleaning easier.

Sara says, “Statement tiles are big in general this year”. Hexagons are a very popular option. Ann Sacks, Cle Tile, Walker Zanger, and Porcelanosa are all creating captivating, high-quality tile. To combat the issue of cold tile, many homeowners are opting for in-floor heating to warm up the flooring for bare feet. If you can work that detail into your design, it definitely pays off on cold winter mornings.

No matter what flooring appeals to you, your options are endless. In addition to tile, vinyl is reemerging as a popular option, as it is cost-effective. Vinyl is versatile, durable, and well worth considering as new lines offer options that look excellent but have lower costs than other materials.

3) New Technologies

Homeowners are adding technology and infrastructure into every room of their home. Bathrooms are seeing a lot of state of the art technology emerge. From the Moxie showerhead that plays music wirelessly, to big, bold LED lighting solutions, recent design trends have been laced with unique technology features.

Small touches, like towel warmer bars or decorative mirrors, really round out a room’s overall design. Coupled with other technologies like in-floor heating, these products make for a cozy, extremely well-built space.

4) Classic and emerging colors

While classic colors are remaining popular, we’re seeing blue emerge as a popular color all over the home. Just like in kitchens, bold blues and bright colors are being used in many of our bathroom designs. Whites and greys are also popular, especially when they’re paired with exciting accents like big, decorative mirrors.

It doesn’t matter if you want to stay simple with color or experiment, the options are endless. With so many options in flooring, fixtures, and decorations, we can find a color scheme to fit any taste. The color options you choose can greatly influence the look and feel of the space — from energetic and bright to calm and cool.

5) Water-saving and eco-friendly fixtures

Since many companies are adopting eco-friendly designs and WaterSense-compliant fixtures, we’re seeing a huge move towards these technologies. Dual flush toilets and Moen Motionsense faucets save water and are very popular amongst our clients.

Consumers are demanding smart energy savings in the bathroom as well. In addition to plumbing fixtures, we encourage our clients to look into LED lighting solutions for decorative fixtures and general lighting purposes. The lights are extremely efficient and last a long time. Recently, innovations in bathroom ventilation systems, like those available from Nutone, offer energy star ratings and extremely quiet operation.

We hope these give you some great ideas. Whether you want a space that gets you energized for the day or allows you to unwind after the daily grind, we would love to hear from you about your next remodel.


National Kitchen and Bath Association 2017 Trend Report