Home Remodel Process: How Does it Work?


When you see a beautiful finished room on Instagram or HGTV, do you immediately ask yourself “how can I have that?”

You aren’t alone. We see people all the time that walk into our showroom or call us on the phone asking “so, how does this all work?”

We want to give you an overview of the steps from the time you walk into our showroom door to the moment you stand in your new dream space, taking it all in.


From the moment you walk in, we want you to know your search for the right contractor is over. You have truly come to the right place!


During your initial consultation, you’ll meet our designer, Sara, fill out a lifestyle questionnaire, have a tour of our showroom, and establish a style and budget that fits your needs.

Home Visit


This is when our wheels really start turning. We’ll take initial measurements and review any style and design concepts that you want to incorporate. This is also a great time to discuss the information in your lifestyle questionnaire–meaning, how does this space need to function?

Initial Design

We present a floor plan and initial renderings to you for feedback. This is done in an in-person meeting to ensure immediate and clear answers to your questions.


This is an exciting step! This is the first time you’ll get to see our vision for your space as well as pricing information.

Finalize Design

Based on the feedback you provide, we’ll finalize your plans and make any necessary adjustments.


As soon as you see our concepts, we want you to love our vision for the space. Once our designs align with your vision, we’ll work with you closely to finalize any decisions and show you the final concepts before we begin work.


We need your signature!

You’ll sign a contract and make deposits, which allows us to order materials and officially get started.


This is when it all starts to come together!


We will help you select the paint, flooring, and hardware for your space. We really enjoy this part of the process–as the on-paper design starts to come to life! Don’t feel overwhelmed by the idea of making selections–we are here to guide the process.


Once your selections are complete, our contractors will come out to your home and begin the demolition process. We cover and protect areas we don’t want to risk bumping into during construction and demolish anything that needs to be removed before we build your dream space.

We’ll donate any old materials we can and get rid of the rest–you don’t have to do anything!


During this stage of the process, you watch your dreams come true before your eyes.


We’ll put in flooring, paint, add cabinetry if needed, and do all the finish work that transforms your space from old to new.

After this, all that’s left is cleanup, getting your final approval, and letting you enjoy your space!

We hope this has brought you some clarity and peace of mind. It all takes time, of course, but we want to make sure we do everything right and get you in a space that you’ll love for years to come.

When you, the client, are happy, we’re happy. If you’re interested in a remodel or new construction, please get in touch. From the first time you walk in, we want you to feel like family. Our attention to detail and vision-honoring design process make it so we can transform any space into your dream. From consultation to a finished product, we don’t stop until you love everything we’ve done.