How to Choose Kitchen Flooring

Hardwood Flooring

When you’re thinking about your dream kitchen, what comes to mind? Paint color? A must-have appliance? Maybe you skip straight to decorating.
Today, we want to talk to you about one of the most humble parts of the space: the floor. This hardworking and often-overlooked aspect of your design is hugely important. Trends come and go; quality flooring can be timeless and last for decades.

Just like all the flooring throughout your home, it’s important to choose carefully. No matter what your budget, we can help talk you through the pros and cons of many different options.

Today, we want to talk you through some great kitchen flooring options!


Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood flooring in a Ewing kitchen

Hardwood flooring adds depth, warmth, and comfort to any room in your home. That doesn’t mean it’s always the right choice, however.

Hardwood flooring is certainly beautiful, but it can also be more costly. It requires frequent upkeep and care in order to prevent damage. It’s a wonderful option for many spaces, but it’s important to consider all your options and your individual housing needs.


Natural stone flooring in a laundry room space.
Natural stone flooring adds ambiance and durability in many spaces.

It’s hard to argue that anything is as durable as stone. Most types of Stone flooring are a great option that can add a lot of wonderful ambiance to your kitchen.

Stone flooring is also easy to clean and resists spills and staining. The biggest downside is the complexity of installation. We recommend working with a highly skilled builder if you’re working with stone–fortunately for you, you found us!


Laminate flooring is incredibly popular. It can be useful in many parts of your home and add great aesthetic appeal while also staying budget-friendly.

The biggest downside of laminate is its lack of waterproofing and questionable durability. Good quality laminate can certainly be durable but it will still be lacking compared to other options.


vinyl flooring
Vinyl flooring in an attractive option for many applications

Vinyl gets a bad reputation because, historically, it’s the cheapest option. While inexpensive vinyl is out there, there’s been a recent trend towards higher end, attractive, and luxury vinyl options. This is a great budget-conscious option for those that need a hardworking kitchen with kids and pets that might cause messes.


tile flooring
Tile flooring is beautiful, durable, and sophisticated.

It’s hard to beat high-quality tile flooring. Tile floors, when installed correctly, are durable and absolutely stunning.

There are amazing choices and endless options when it comes to tile. If you’re planning your dream kitchen, definitely give this amazing material a look.

Don’t be overwhelmed by all these choices! Our designer, Kristi, can walk you through all these options and more when you talk about your dream project. Contact us today to visit our showroom and set up a time to talk!