How to Pick Finishes

How to Pick Finishes

As the weather cools down, we often look for ways to add warmth and inviting ambiance to our homes. Year-round, picking the right palette of colors is essential to creating a space we’re proud to come home to, and worthy of entertaining friends and family.

Choosing a color palette and overall aesthetic are important, of course, but we find that choosing the right finishes really tie a room’s design together in the end. Today, we thought we’d talk about some of the design choices that help impact your finish colors.

Room Size

Bright colors help make a smaller space appear larger–some great options are bright white, light greys, or soft neutral colors.

How to Pick Finishes

Mixer light and dark finishes can add interest and contrast to the overall aesthetic.

For large spaces, warm and darker tones can help keep the space feeling cozy and welcoming. Dark wood tones, as well as dark grey and even black can be used here. Keeping the heavier, darker colors will also allow the space to feel more open.


How to Pick Finishes

Bright choices like white and cream tones create a large and inviting space to live and entertain!

The lighting you have available in a space impacts color as much as other factors. A brightly lit space–either from natural light or fixtures–can benefit from incorporating darker, rich tones for contrast. For darker spaces, though, bright white and cream tones can really brighten up a space in a big way.

How to Pick Finishes

Darker tones can add warmth, ambiance, and contrast to an already well-lit space.

Your Personal Touch

All of these guidelines for finish colors aren’t steadfast rules, of course! Maybe you’ve always dreamed of a bright white kitchen or have a favorite color that you would LOVE incorporated. Our amazing designers are happy to work with any special requests.

If you’re looking to begin your own remodeling or new construction project, contact us today! Our experienced team is ready to walk you through everything step of the design and building process and create the space of your dreams!