Planning Around a Remodel

You’ve just signed the contract and made a big decision: a remodel or new construction project. After meeting with our amazing designer, Kristi, and settling on plans, it’s time to begin!

Knowing that your daily routines and your space are about to be upheaved can be one of the most stressful parts of the whole process. Don’t be too overwhelmed, though: you’ve chosen to work with experienced builders who have done this countless times before.  

Today, we want to ease your anxieties with some tips on how to plan around a project!

Trust your Contractor

You’ve entrusted us with one of the most important parts of your life: your home. We hope that our expert staff and legacy will help you feel at ease with this whole process; however, we know you might feel uneasy at times. It’s important to trust us and always let us know when you’re not sure about something!

Know the Schedule

We don’t suggest planning a dinner party when we’ve just gutted your kitchen; knowing the schedule for your remodel will make sure your plans aren’t upended by construction. Keeping tabs on the schedule means you’ll know what’s coming next in order to prepare in advance, and means you can hold us accountable to staying on schedule, to the best of our abilities.

We understand that a remodel affects your-day-to-day routines, so we always want to make sure the construction process runs efficiently and effectively for you. If there’s anything we can improve upon, always reach out!

Plan for Dust

The truth is: every project will involve dust to some extent. Our expert builders work hard to mitigate dust and mess, but it’s still an unavoidable drawback of construction and remodeling. Acknowledging and accepting this means you can prepare before the dust starts flying.

Worried about how to handle a dusty environment? Talk to your contractor or any of our staff and let them know all your cleaning concerns before, during, and after a project is complete.

Still Overwhelmed? Work in a Vacation!

Still feeling overwhelmed after reading all this? You aren’t alone! If you’re still feeling uneasy about staying in your home during a remodel, it’s a great time to book some time away! What could be better than taking a vacation and coming home to your beautiful project taking shape?

Working with professionals, like those of us here at Ewing Building and the professional contractors with whom we partner, really makes all the difference. If you’re ready to start the journey of a remodeling or new construction project, get in touch today!