Practical Pet Remodeling Tips

Practical Pet Remodeling Tips

Here at The Ewing Companies, we are constantly designing and building our clients’ dream spaces. Whether that’s a one-room refresh, a whole home remodel, or a new construction project, we treat every customer like family. And that family includes your furry friends. 

Our designs are personalized to your needs. Adapting designs to make sure your cat and dog feel just as at-home in your new space as you do is important to us. Here are a few ideas of ways to make a renovated space pet-friendly:

Bowl Alcoves

Every pet owner knows the struggle of kicking a food or water bowl and having to deal with the resulting mess. Building a bowl alcove into your kitchen island or cabinetry keeps them out of your way so you don’t have to worry about spills. You can even build bowl holders into the cabinetry itself, to help keep your space clean & looking uniform.

Pet Sanctuary

Building a nook in the cabinetry, under the stairs, or even dedicating a full room to your pet is a great idea. With a pet sanctuary, your friend has its own area to sleep and play; for pets who are skittish around guests, it also gives them a safe place to hide.

Tile is King

One way to adapt your home to your furry friends is with tile. Hardwood floor is easy to clean of both pet messes and fur, but is susceptible to scratches. Carpet won’t scratch, but it is difficult to remove fur, allergens, and has a high chance of staining from messes.

Tile is both easy to clean and will not scratch when puppy and kitty claws scamper about. It’s a great option for any room your pets frequent.

We can make your dreams realities!

We design and build with your needs in mind, honoring that which is most important to you. Let us create a home that welcomes all members of your family, especially the four-legged ones.