A Love for Transformation: Meet Jason

Growing up, Jason was always busy making and building—you should have seen the forts he was capable of constructing. That love for construction never did dissipate, now it is put to use each and every day with our company.

It was around the time that Jason was graduating from high school that his father, Paul, founded our company. The family business presented an exciting opportunity to roll up his sleeves and get to work with his hands, cashing in on something he always loved doing. What began as a part-time job in 1996 has become and long and fulfilling career for Jason.

Jason’s role with our company is as a project manager. This means he has the balanced ability to see how all the little pieces come together to create a beautiful finished product, all while interacting with a variety of people—from clients to vendors, craftsmen and our designers. If remodeling projects were an orchestra, Jason would undoubtedly be the conductor.

A typical workday for Jason begins bright and early at 7:00. He usually starts on the phone and then meets the crew at our office first thing. Next, he balances his time between visiting other job sites throughout the day and logistics management like ordering materials, taking measurements, solving problems or answering client questions. He stays busy and is constantly on the move, Jason joked, “I spend a lot of time lapping the New River Valley—going from job to job.”

For some, Jason’s job may sound like a lot to keep up with, and it is. But for him, he is motivated by his love for watching transformations unfold. He enjoys seeing what a home is and participating in the process of what it ultimately becomes. For him, the bigger transformation the better. Jason enjoys the opportunity to open up a layout, add a large addition, or renovate a good portion of the house.

Beyond the love of a good transformation is Jason’s enjoyment of working in a hands on manner. Sometimes that means getting to help frame a deck, install cabinets, or operate machinery. Other times, it is hands on in the sense of his close working relationship with all the key contributors to a remodel or cabinetry project. Jason said, “I enjoy the hands on part of managing. I like working with our clients, vendors, crew and sub-contractors to get the job completed.”

When asked what it is like to work with family, day in and day out, Jason shared, “We all have a common goal and we all have trust in each other.” That common goal and shared vision is also what has come to characterize our company and local reputation over the years. Jason said, “You are going to get a very high quality of work by going with our company.  Our expectations and standards are very high.”

As someone with decades of experience in remodeling projects and construction, it seems only logical to glean from his acquired wisdom and expertise. When asked how to ensure a successful remodel project the advice he shared is transferrable to a lot of areas of life: good communication. Jason said, “Good communication is the number one factor needed for a successful project. After that, it is making decisions and selections according to the project timeline.”

Jason serves a critical role at our company and does it with excellence and expertise. We are thankful for his ability to manage beautiful, functional, and well-constructed remodel projects for our clients across Blacksburg and the New River Valley.