Reasons to Remodel Your Kitchen

You may feel a bit torn about if it is the right time to remodel your kitchen. It makes sense, a remodel project can feel like a big undertaking and isn’t a decision to make flippantly. However, there are a number of reasons that justify and warrant a kitchen remodel.

To Live the Dream: Sometimes it is just simply because you would like to live, cook, and entertain in your “dream kitchen.” We often try to find practical reasons to justify a remodel but in reality, your ability to enjoy your space is a great reason. You spend so much time in your kitchen—as it is the “heart of the home”—why not make sure it is a kitchen you enjoy?

To Move: It may seem counter-intuitive to remodel your kitchen when you know you plan to move into a new home but hear us out on this one. When it comes to selling your home, your kitchen is critical area of consideration for potential buyers. According to HGTV, a kitchen remodel can return up to a 70% return on investment when planned properly. We are able to consult with you to ensure that if you plan to move the design you choose has wide appeal and will provide maximum benefit when you list your home.

To Embrace Universal Design: Universal design means that your kitchen is accessible to people with all abilities—to include those who are wheelchair bound or have limited mobility. Consider if your kitchen would benefit from an age-in-place remodel. If you realize there are layout or configuration aspects of your kitchen that will impede mobility, a redesign in anticipation of those challenges is a wise idea. This is something our designer, Sara, has education and experience in and is something she can provide guidance on.

Remodeling allows for up-to-date and sleek features in your kitchen.
A variety of reasons justify a remodel of your kitchen. Do any of these reasons resonate with you?

To Support Your Season: Sometimes your kitchen was great during one season of life but you find the functional needs have changed and therefore the “flow” is no longer what it used to be. Consider a family with small children and their needs—as compared to a middle-aged couple with an “empty nest” and all adult children. Those two families will likely have very different requirements. As seasons change, lifestyles change, and it only makes sense that the kitchen may require a change too.

To Create Space: Similar to supporting the season, sometimes you purely need more space. The current layout of your kitchen may not support the most efficient use of space within your home. Creating space can require drastic changes and other times it is small changes that make a big impact.

To Open it Up: Open layouts are very in-style for homes. For many, the lighter, brighter, and airier a kitchen can be, the better. When it comes to kitchen remodel projects, we have taken down walls, added significantly more windows, and even removed chimneys. The end result is a kitchen with the right light, layout, and feel.

To Get the Right Features: The available features for kitchens are rapidly changing and new and innovative options are emerging regularly. Some newer features include incorporating technology, like charging stations and wirelessly controlled appliances. The right features can also mean a refrigerator tucked away behind beautiful cabinetry or a specific type of sink—like an under mount or integrated quartz sink. Remember, you spend a lot of time in your kitchen—so make sure it is a space with features that make it a place you love to be.

If you have realized a kitchen remodel is the right step for you and your family please reach out. Our team of experienced designers and craftsman will ensure that your reasons for a remodel are honored throughout the course of the project and ultimately result in the kitchen you desire.