We’re Hiring!


Great news! We’re hiring for two positions at The Ewing Companies. It’s very exciting to add to our growing team here in Blacksburg, Virginia.

Check out the responsibilities of these positions and consider if you–or someone you know–could be the right fit for our team. We’re hiring the newest member of our Design Team as well as a Carpenter/Framer.


We’re looking for an experienced, energetic person to add to our design staff. Our ideal candidate is someone who has 5 years of design experience, has worked in sales before, and who is proficient in 2020 Design.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Cabinet designer and sales person will work with our whole team on all jobs to ensure they are carried out smoothly and efficiently.
  • Attend weekly and called team meetings to discuss and plan sales strategy and job execution.
  • Strive to become an outstanding designer and sales person.
  • Seek training opportunities and work toward NKBA certification.
  • Prepare accurate proposals and contracts that reflect exactly what will be delivered.
  • Provide thorough and detailed information to our construction staff and cabinet installers.
  • Assist clients with critical selections including tile, flooring, fixtures, etc.
  • Maintain detailed/clear client files that include contracts, back-up documents, change orders, important client communication, etc.
  • Help train new employees and interns.
  • Participate in the social media efforts of the company. Assist our marketing team with input to be used on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Plan and coordinate activities that promote The Ewing Companies.
  • Participate in social/business opportunities to meet people in our community.
  • Qualified candidates MUST have design experience.



We’re looking for a Carpenter/Framer to join our growing workforce. Our ideal candidate is dependable, hard-working, and has the experience needed to grow professionally in this detail-oriented business.

Job Requirements/Responsibilities:

  • Valid Driver’s license and transportation
  • Advanced Carpentry/Framing knowledge and experience
  • Works well with a team of carpenters
  • Experience operating tools
  • Must be self-motivated
  • Willing to perform a variety of different tasks


If you’re the right fit for either of these positions, please send us your resume via email: brad@ewingbuilding.com

The Ewing Companies is a passionate and quality-focused company located in Blacksburg. We’re pleased to offer a great benefits package with these full-time positions:

  •         Competitive base salary
  •         Attractive sales bonus/commission
  •         Paid vacation
  •         Health Insurance
  •         Committed and active management team
  •         Family-friendly, inclusive work environment
  •         Opportunities for career advancement

If you have any questions about this position, please reach out!