How to Use Blue in your Kitchen or Bathroom

Hopefully, you’ve been enjoying our blog! We’ve had an absolute blast sharing the latest trends and our recent projects with you. From bathrooms to kitchens, we like designing and building dream spaces that our clients (you!) will love for years to come.

There are a few design aspects you’ll notice us using throughout our work. We like clean lines, high-quality fixtures, and warm touches that add excitement and value to your home. If you’ve been keeping up with our Instagram feed, you’ll notice something else: there’s a lot of blue! We thought it was time to dive into why our designs feature this bold color and why it’s so popular in this industry overall.

Take a look at this stylish cabinetry gallery from HGTV. While there are a range of colors included in this gallery, more than half of the cabinets are finished in shades of blue. This isn’t a coincidence–it’s a big trend across the industry and one we can definitely get behind.

For many of you that know a thing or two about art and design, you already know that the colors you use can affect your feelings towards a work of art or space in your home. Using specific colors in your living space can have an influence on the feel of a room as well as your overall mood.

The psychology behind choosing colors is something designers think about when they’re building a plan for a space. For example, oranges and reds in a room can evoke energy and awakeness–something that’s great in office spaces where you want to be productive. When it’s your used well in your home, blue creates a sense of coolness and calm. When you’re designing a kitchen or bathroom that you’ll use every day, a relaxing ambiance can go a long way to make it a spot in your home you want to come back to everyday, year-after-year.

Maybe you like the idea of blues but aren’t sure how to implement the color scheme effectively. Our designer can walk you through a lot of this during the planning process, but we wanted to share a few ideas to get you started.

If you want, blues can make a bold statement. Large, sweeping blue cabinets can look great in your dream kitchen. These cabinets from Medallion Cabinetry are a bold choice we recently used in one of our kitchen remodels.


Of course, bold statements aren’t for everyone. Subdued, quiet blues can be used in other parts of your home to create a cool sense of relaxation without being overwhelming in the space.

Even if a blue color scheme isn’t in the works for your next remodel or dream space, we hope we’ve shown you why it’s so popular among our clients. Many folks are including blues, from bold statement pieces to subtle notes in the background.
Maybe blue isn’t your thing. We’ll admit, blues can be too cool for some spaces and designs. No matter which colors you’d like to incorporate, our designer, Sara, is always eager to talk to you and design a space with your individual tastes in mind!