The Best of Blacksburg

Many of you probably love this area just as much as we do. Here at The Ewing Companies, we’re deeply committed to this area and its people. We are inspired by the natural beauty and love being able to give back. Whether you’ve been here all your life or are a new resident, it’s easy to see why so many people love to call Blacksburg and the New River Valley home. Even if you left for a long time, this place draws you back–just ask Brad Ewing.

Here’s a little primer on why we love the area and appreciate the chance to bring high quality remodeling, building, and cabinetry projects to this amazing community.


Wonderful Seasons

Some people might find Blacksburg’s weather and seasons unpredictable; however, we choose to see the diversity and excitement that each season here brings.

From Spring flowers to calm Winter mornings, this area has it all. Whether you’re floating down the New River in the summertime or driving down the Blue Ridge Parkway through peak fall colors, many people are fast to fall in love with this unique area. It truly has something for everyone.

Natural Wonder

No matter what outdoor activities you enjoy, the New River Valley has something for everyone. It doesn’t matter if your idea of a nice day spent outside is a round of golf, a hard hike in the mountains, or a wine tasting at any of our local wineries, this area can provide you with ample opportunities to get out and enjoy nature.

Sense of Community

We have been so lucky to be a part of the local community for years. We are constantly uplifted by the sense of fellowship here in the area. We welcome newcomers with open arms and give back to our longtime residents through local events like The Big Event.

Few places are as warm and welcoming. Our local universities, Virginia Tech and Radford, constantly bring in new people and ideas to a community with a rich history and culture all its own. The local area comes together often to celebrate this unique area and vibrant community. Whether you spend a Saturday in Lane Stadium for a Hokies’ home game or stroll through the streets at Steppin’ Out, you too will see this sense of community in a big way.

Rural Charm

One of the reasons we talk about the Modern Farmhouse style here at The Ewing Companies is because it embodies the local area so well. From a rich agricultural heritage to a high-tech local economy of entrepreneurs and researchers, this area blends rural charm and technology in a way not many of other places can try to do.

Most places, you can’t find yourself at cutting edge research facilities like the Virginia Smart Road and a few minutes later driving through generations-old pasture land. This community excels at blending new innovation while maintaining our past traditions as well.

We hope this shows you why we chose this area to grow our business and family. It is indeed a special place that blends so many different ideas and cultures together to form a place that is truly one-of-a-kind. If you, too, have made this area your home, we hope you’ll keep us in mind for your design and remodeling needs.