All About the Kitchen Sink

Very few items in your home are used as often as the kitchen sink. Daily meal preparation, dish washing, and everyday chores are all reliant on this most hard-working fixture of every kitchen.

We promise the kitchen sink isn’t as bland as it may initially sound—there are design and function options you probably never even dreamed of that can improve the look and function of your space. We’ll walk you through some things to think about for your kitchen sink, whether you’re building your first home or remodeling an existing space.

Setting Sink Goals Early On

There are so many options when it comes to the kitchen sink that it’s important to keep your big picture goals in mind. Perhaps counter space is at a premium in your home and it would be best to have the sink take up as little room as possible. Or, maybe, you like to entertain guests and find you need a big basin that can accommodate lots of dishes. We want to show you a few of the options as well as pass along some of the modern trends we’re seeing in sink design today.

From apron sinks (pictured) to more traditional basin style, the sink choice you make impacts the feel and function of your kitchen.
From apron sinks (pictured) to more traditional basin style, the sink choice you make impacts the feel and function of your kitchen.

Space Saving and Multi-Use 

When space is a major concern in your remodel, it’s easy to default to a sink that’s too small for the kitchen, in an effort to open up counter space. When this happens, everyday chores become hard to do when you simply don’t have the room to accommodate the every day accumulation of pots and pans.

Our designer, Sara, has a great solution for this space dilemma. She said, “One thing I am getting a lot of requests for is a large single bowl sinks instead of a double bowl sink.” A single-basin sink allows you to maximize your space. When there isn’t a divider between the basins, you allow yourself the freedom to fit all your dishes in for cleaning. Think of a single basin sink as the “open layout” of kitchen sinks.

Another great option is choosing sinks that fit cutting boards and colanders over top the sink itself. When your kitchen sink becomes additional counter space, everyone wins!

Classic comfort and function

Besides the traditional choice of one basin or two, there are many sink designs that are keeping up with modern trends. Porcelain apron sinks, for example, are a great addition to a space with Modern Farmhouse style.

The right sink can add everyday convenience to your kitchen as well as value down-the-line when you decide to put your home on the market. Whether you’re looking to complement a traditional kitchen or a slightly more modern design, the options are endless.

Cutting-Edge Options 

Like everything in this industry, modern kitchen trends are emerging and changing everyday. There are some really awesome ideas out there right now when it comes to innovative sink design.

One of the most exciting trends we’re seeing is custom-fit “Chef sinks”. Companies like Kohler are designing products that make prep and cleanup convenient and highly customizable to your individual needs. Sara warns that these sinks do take some special planning because of their large size, so if you’re interested in this it’s best to plan from the start.

Another option if space allows is a bar sink. A smaller sink in addition to the main basin means that two people can work more effectively together as well as provide you with convenient options when you’re cooking or cleaning. Additionally, a prep sink can be added to an island area, for the family that has a lot of cooks in the kitchen.

Let us Help With Your Design and Building & Kitchen Remodeling Needs

With so many options to choose from, we always suggest people consult with a designer to decide what’s right for your home, budget, and personal preferences. Our designer, Sara, can walk you through this important decision. Very few items in the home are used as often as the kitchen sink. We want to make sure you love it everyday for years to come.