Remodels: What Can You Do On a Budget?


Here at The Ewing Companies, we dream big. From keeping up with the latest trends, to designing and building your dream space, we’re ready for anything. We partner with great companies that allow our creativity to run wild.

Sometimes our clients have different goals, though. For many people, the thought of a remodel causes anxieties because of the sheer scope and cost of a project. The average cost of a kitchen remodel, for example is over $22,000. While a great kitchen remodel can add value to your home for decades, sometimes small changes can have a huge impact as well.

Today, we wanted to explore the ways you can revitalize a space without too much sticker shock.

Have a plan and be prepared when you start

One of the best ways to save money, whether your project is big or small, is to have a clear plan from the start. When you partner with a great designer who has the experience to know what will and will not work for you, you can save yourself time, money, and stress as you move through your remodel journey.

variety-of-materialsUpgrade what’s bugging you

Can you point to the one aspect of your room that’s bothering you? Maybe you hate your old range, for example, or your yellowed counter tops. Upgrading just one component of your home at a time can be a great way to increase your happiness while still sticking to your budget.

kitchenAdd lighting

Beautiful accent lighting or a new statement piece can completely transform a room. Consider all your options, from recessed lighting to smart lights!

lighting-fixtureWhen in doubt…try some new paint!

If you aren’t sure what needs to change but know something has to happen–consider a new pop of color. New wall color can drastically change the way a room feels. The best part: if you end up unhappy with a particular color you can always change your mind!

yellow-bathroomWe hope this list gave you some great ideas for your next home remodeling project. Don’t be scared away by the prices you hear online and in the news. We’d love to hear from you soon about what you’re thinking and how we might be able to help here at The Ewing Companies.