Considerations for Color and Home Design

The bright orange gives this kitchen a pop of color

We love home design. It’s in our bones and the reason why the Ewing family loves our business here in Blacksburg. Meeting with clients, planning out our work, and physically building your dream spaces are all things we love to do.

What has really got us talking lately, though, is color. It’s something everyone can relate to and has an opinion about. Sometimes those opinions don’t agree! The good news is: that’s totally fine–we can work with that. Today, we wanted to explore the broad concept of color choice in your home.

What Colors Convey

It probably won’t surprise you that the colors around you influence your emotions. Think about it: do you feel different on a grey, cloudy day rather than a bright, sunny, warm one? The colors you see and associate with those different times carry right into how you feel when you’re in your home.

The psychology behind color is well-documented. We want to take a look at a few different color palettes and dive into what makes them work so well in the spaces they serve.

Popular Options and Creative Ideas

As we’ve said, blue is huge. If you take a look at Pinterest, it’s all over too. While we don’t want to spend any more time talking about blue, the truth is, it’s is a great color that a wide range of folks can enjoy. Take this bathroom for example. The well-lit space wakes you up but the blue tones create a sense of calm that you wouldn’t get with other colors. We think that’s pretty cool and this ability to influence emotion is a huge aspect of why our designers love their job.


Exciting, Energizing Oranges

If cool blues are calming, orange is the exact opposite! We know this kitchen isn’t for everyone, but check out how energizing and fun it looks. The sleek, white lines of the quartz countertops contrast so well with this lively orange.

The bright orange gives this kitchen a pop of color

Different rooms can be designed with different color palettes to influence how people feel when they’re inside. Have you ever noticed that a lot of modern office spaces are orange? That’s because orange is energizing.

In a kitchen, too, this can work very well. In a space where you want to be awake, productive, and active, bright oranges, yellows, and reds can really evoke that sense throughout the area.

Relaxed Ambiance

Maybe an energizing, active space isn’t what you have in mind for your home. We definitely understand that: your home should be a relaxing sanctuary that you can look forward to living in for years and years.

White Kitchen

With that in mind, we want to show you this green and cream kitchen that we love. Using the wonderful Medallion Cabinetry “sage” and “Irish cream” paints together provides a calm, charismatic two-tone look at would be equally suited to a fancy dinner party as it would be getting ready for work in the morning. We think tones like this are a wonderful option.

Classic Cool

We have one more space to show you. Perhaps you’re more of a classic soul and love timeless, elegant features. We definitely understand! The great thing about this color selection is it pairs well with a range of cabinetry and fixture styling options–from a chic rustic feel to more refined and sophisticated.

Classic Kitchen

The warm, always-in-style choices of clean, bright cabinetry and high quality wood finishes will always be a hit. While the popularity of colors ebb and flow, this choice always stays in fashion for the right space.

How to Choose and Plan your Dream Space

No matter what colors you choose, we want you to fall in love with them. Making these design choices should be fun and pain-free. When it comes down to choosing a color scheme, we definitely suggest contacting a designer to really talk through your ideas and make a plan for your home construction or remodeling project. They know what products and paints are out there and can help you decide what to do.

Color usually isn’t the most permanent design choice you have to make but it’s certainly nice to get it right the first time. One you decide on a color palette, or palettes, for your home, we can then start talking to an interior designer and really make those dreams come alive! We’d love to meet and chat about the wonderful world of color and help you plan your dream space. No matter what colors you love, we’d love to help you design a space that makes them shine!